Future of Marketing/マーケティングの未来

When I was brainstorming marketing plans of my web service, one YouTube video caught my attention. The video was about the presentation by Maciek Laskus in Web3 conference. You can watch this video if you have time but I will explain the important concept here. The key concept is ID graph. ID graph is likeContinue reading “Future of Marketing/マーケティングの未来”

僕のウェブサービスについて About my Web Service

I was thinking of all the small annoying things in my life and realized it is not so hard to make businesses from these little obstacles in our lives. From ancient times, humans always have been inventing ways to live conveniently, and it has reached to technology where human “outsource” their necessary tasks to complexContinue reading “僕のウェブサービスについて About my Web Service”


様々な留学生ブログがある中僕のブログを選んでくれてありがとうございます。 毎日知恵を絞って頑張りますのでたまに見に戻ってきてくださいね。 ウェブサービスを作るまでの日記みたいな形になるんですけど、正直な所このアイデアに対するファンが欲しいなという気持ちもこのブログには入っています。留学生活についてのブログもたくさん載せますので、タグ詐欺にならないと願います。。 今日はこれだけですね。次のブログでは話しているウェブサービスについて少し話したいと思います。 Thank you for choosing my blog from enormous number of blogs. Come back to read my blog whenever you have time 🙂 Even though I would be writing about my web service a lot, I would talk about my experience as a Japanese student in University of Washington as well. DoneContinue reading “はじめに/Prologue”